29 Jul 12 at 9 pm

Last weeks #trueblood with my bebe (Taken with Instagram)

Last weeks #trueblood with my bebe (Taken with Instagram)

My boyfriend has had something planned for tonight for over a week and I just figured it was a concert and dinner or something, then last night it all clicked.

He got us tickets for the showing of the dark knight rises tonight at the IMAX and is bringing me dinner from one of my favorite restaurants :). So until then I’m blocking all tags for anything that has to do with batman. I’m so pumped, he really does know me well.

I’m going stir crazy in this office. I can’t wait to be back at school - I really miss my life in Warrensburg. As shitty of a town that it is, the friends I made and the guy I met make it worth the 1am curfew for bars and lack of… anything.